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PelletDb: Scalable, Expressive Semantic Reasoning for the Enterprise

PelletDb® 1.0 is the first and only OWL 2 reasoner for Oracle Database 11g R2, providing scalable and correct OWL reasoning. Built on Pellet 2.0 and Oracle Database Semantic Technologies, PelletDb provides an integrated solution for OWL 2 reasoning in the enterprise.

PelletDb is especially optimized for Oracle’s RDF, OWL, and SPARQL system. The combination of Pellet and Oracle in PelletDb improves both performance and expressive power for applications based on either Pellet or Oracle alone.

For commercial licensing of of PelletDb, or to arrange a free, 30-day evaluation, contact us at or +1 202 408 8770.


PelletDb customers benefit from more complete insights into their semantic data by using PelletDb’s expressive, sound-and-complete OWL 2 reasoning as a plug-in to Oracle Database 11g. Developers are freed from in-memory constraints on inference and can reason with unlimited data sets, while also benefiting from the persistence, security, and other enterprise-ready features provided by Oracle.

PelletDb benefits include:

  • Hides many complex details about OWL reasoning behind a simple API
  • Scalable and efficient OWL reasoning: expressive, sound-and-complete OWL 2 reasoning is realistic for most cases.
  • Enhances semantic schema-reasoning for Oracle Database apps
  • Enhances instance-data scalability for Pellet apps

More Information

More complete information about PelletDb can be found in the whitepaper, Introducing PelletDb: Expressive, Scalable Semantic Reasoning for the Enterprise.

Obtaining PelletDb

PelletDb is available for trial evaluation for 30 days and requires the following:

  • Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition (or higher) with Oracle Spatial and Oracle Partitioning options and with Semantic Technologies support enabled
  • Jena Adaptor for Oracle Database 11g Release 2
  • Jena 2.6.2
  • JDK 1.5

To arrange an evaluation, contact us at or +1 202 408 8770.