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Packages that use Datatype
com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term Provides classes for representing terms. 
com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.axiom Representation of axioms that can be added to ontologies or KBs and also used as atomic queries. 
com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.entity Terms to represent entities (class expressions, property expressions, individuals, datatypes, variables). 

Uses of Datatype in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term

Methods in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term that return Datatype
static Datatype TermFactory.negate(Datatype d)

Methods in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term with parameters of type Datatype
static DataAll TermFactory.all(DataProperty p, Datatype d)
static DataAnd TermFactory.and(Datatype... datatypes)
static DataCardinality TermFactory.cardinality(DataProperty p, int n, Datatype d)
static DatatypeDefinition TermFactory.datatypeDefinition(NamedDatatype d, Datatype definition)
static DataMax TermFactory.max(DataProperty p, int n, Datatype d)
static DataMin TermFactory.min(DataProperty p, int n, Datatype d)
static Datatype TermFactory.negate(Datatype d)
static DataNot TermFactory.not(Datatype d)
static DataOr TermFactory.or(Datatype... datatypes)
static DataPropertyRange TermFactory.range(DataProperty p, Datatype d)
static DataSome TermFactory.some(DataProperty p, Datatype d)

Method parameters in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term with type arguments of type Datatype
static DataAnd TermFactory.and(java.util.Collection<? extends Datatype> datatypes)
static DataOr TermFactory.or(java.util.Collection<? extends Datatype> datatypes)

Uses of Datatype in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.axiom

Methods in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.axiom that return Datatype
 Datatype DatatypeDefinition.getDefinition()

Uses of Datatype in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.entity

Subinterfaces of Datatype in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.entity
 interface DataAnd
 interface DataNot
 interface DataOneOf
 interface DataOr
 interface DatatypeVariable
 interface NamedDatatype
          Represent a named datatype.
 interface RestrictedDatatype

Methods in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.entity with parameters of type Datatype
 DataAnd Datatype.and(Datatype... datatypes)
 DataAnd Datatype.and(Datatype d)
 DatatypeDefinition NamedDatatype.equivalentTo(Datatype definition)
          Create a new DatatypeDefinition axiom for this named datatype with given datatype expression.
 DataCardinality DataProperty.exactly(int cardinality, Datatype c)
 DataMax DataProperty.max(int cardinality, Datatype c)
 DataMin DataProperty.min(int cardinality, Datatype c)
 DataAll DataProperty.only(Datatype c)
 DataOr Datatype.or(Datatype... datatypes)
 DataOr Datatype.or(Datatype d)
 DataPropertyRange DataProperty.range(Datatype range)
 DataSome DataProperty.some(Datatype c)

Method parameters in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.entity with type arguments of type Datatype
 DataAnd Datatype.and(java.util.Collection<? extends Datatype> d)
 DataOr Datatype.or(java.util.Collection<? extends Datatype> d)

Uses of Datatype in com.clarkparsia.pellet.util

Methods in com.clarkparsia.pellet.util that return Datatype
 Datatype Substitution.apply(Datatype term)
          A type safe version of the generic Substitution.apply(Term) function.

Methods in com.clarkparsia.pellet.util with parameters of type Datatype
 Datatype Substitution.apply(Datatype term)
          A type safe version of the generic Substitution.apply(Term) function.

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