Uses of Interface

Packages that use DataRestriction
com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.entity Terms to represent entities (class expressions, property expressions, individuals, datatypes, variables). 

Uses of DataRestriction in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.entity

Subinterfaces of DataRestriction in com.clarkparsia.pellet.api.term.entity
 interface DataAll
 interface DataCardinality
 interface DataHasValue
 interface DataMax
          Qualified maximum number restriction for data properties
 interface DataMin
          Qualified minimum number restriction for data properties
 interface DataQualifiedCardinalityRestriction
          Marker interface for qualified cardinality restrictions on data properties.
 interface DataQualifiedRestriction
          Marker interface for qualified restrictions on data properties.
 interface DataSome

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