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Pellet Help

Support and assistance for the use of Pellet in ontology-based application development is available from a variety of sources.

Commercial Support

The ongoing development of Pellet, including R&D, maintenance, application development, etc., is sponsored by Clark & Parsia LLC, which offers commercial Pellet support contracts. If you need commercial Pellet support or want to prioritize the direction of Pellet’s future development, email or visit the support site.

Community Support

Non-commercial support for Pellet is provided on a “best-effort” basis on the Pellet users mailing list — there’s an active developer and user community that can and will help you with Pellet. The archives of the mailing list are also available and highly recommended.

Pellet Documentation

Pellet FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions document answers many basic questions about Pellet.

Pellet API & Example Programs

The details of the API are described in the Javadocs included in the distribution, which also includes many short, example Java programs using Pellet.

Pellet-related Publications

  • Bijan Parsia and Evren Sirin and Aditya Kalyanpur. Debugging OWL ontologies. In Proceedings of the 14th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW-2005), 2005.