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Michael Grove is the Chief Software Architect/VP of Engineering at Clark & Parsia, LLC. A graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in Computer Science, he first joined the team in November 2005. In addition to providing day-to-day technical guidance across the organization, Michael is the primary developer of Stardog .

Before joining C&P, Michael worked as a Faculty Research Assistant at the University of Maryland's MINDSWAP lab, a Semantic Web research lab headed by Dr. Jim Hendler. While a part of the MINDSWAP group, he worked as one of the staff programmers. He worked on the PhotoStuff project, which was a Java application for creating RDF metadata about digital photos, as well as SWOOP and the OWL-S Composer.

In the past, Michael headed his own company, Lightning Round Entertainment, which specialized in creating novel online games. He wrote and helped design their flagship product, Word Hive, which was launched on in February 2005. He also worked at various dot com's as a programmer on a wide variety of enterprise web applications.

Michael brings a wide variety of expertise and insight to software design. He lives near Baltimore, Maryland where he plays softball in his spare time and goes to the occasional Orioles game at Camden Yard.