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Kendall Clark ( is cofounder and Managing Principal of Clark & Parsia, LLC.

Before C&P, Kendall was a researcher at the University of Maryland’s Mindswap, a well-known Semantic Web research lab. He’s also been Managing Editor of O’Reilly’s as well as a columnist with over one hundred articles and columns about the Web, web services, XML, and the Semantic Web. During the dot-com years Kendall worked on SGML documentation systems for BrainFood, a startup in Dallas, TX.

Kendall has served as Chair of the W3C’s Data Access Working Group, which is responsible for SPARQL, an RDF query language and data access protocol. He is the Editor of the SPARQL Protocol specification. He also edited DAWG’s Use Cases & Requirements and co-edited Serializing SPARQL Query Results in JSON.

Kendall graduated with BA, MTS, and got to the ABD stage of a PhD in religious studies at SMU.

Kendall lives in Washington, DC, with his wife; their beautiful girls; two mangy cats; and an American Alsatian.