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Clark & Parsia is the leading supplier of innovative semantic technologies, including Linked Data solutions, with a particular focus on OWL and RDF-based systems and tools. Our OWL reasoning system, Pellet, provides an unmatched solution for expressive reasoning and modeling with semantic data.

We can help you achieve a significant return on investment by using semantic technologies and Linked Data to manage your data. We provide full-service consulting, including application development, to complement our products and technologies. Our staff includes leading practitioners and innovators in the field. Let us help you build your next Linked Data application.

We offer open source and commercial licensing, as well as support, for our products and solutions:

  • Pellet, the leading OWL reasoning system
  • Stardog, the RDF database
  • Spanner, a Semantic Enterprise Content Management system
  • POPS, a lightweight Expertise Location solution
  • Pelorus, a Faceted Navigation Tool for SPARQL
  • HotPlanner, an HTN-based automated planning system

Have a question? Email us or call +1 888 235-8038.

About Us

We combine strong ties to the academic research community with industry experience and leadership in the area of Semantic Web and related technologies.